Why You Should Stop Faking It To Fit In

Episode 6: “Why You Should Stop Faking It To Fit In”

I start today’s episode by singing the Backstreet Boys…

But there’s a reason for that!

I had posted a few quick Instastories last week (while walking out of Gillette Stadium where the Patriot’s play) about why I don’t watch football. And Marcus (@mrsamperi) replied in a direct message saying how much he connected with what I said and explained how he has learned to embrace standing apart from the crowd.

He then asked if I might take this topic a step further and bring up when and why to resist peer pressure on the Explore Inspired Show. So, that became this week’s episode… because I really don’t plan much in advance! Lol

So let me know what you think of the show, and my question this week is, do your actions, words, and pursuits reflect the most honest version of your self?

Would you rather listen to the show? Here you go!

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Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio

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