EP13 – 3x World-Record Endurance Athlete Colin O’Brady Teaches How To Build And Inspire A Community

WOW. What an incredible episode. From burn victim to pro-triathlete to world record crushing mountaineer, Colin O’Brady of Beyond 7/2 and 50HP is a bundle of inspiration, stoke, and an overall fantastic guy.

Plus, we’ve got a hell of a giveaway* for this episode. Listen below or on your favorite podcast app, buckle up to be inspired.

This week on the Stokecast, Jonathan and Emily chat with Colin about:

  • What ‘sleep-hiking’ is and the importance of micro-naps
  • The drive behind going for mountaineering World Records
  • His project of Beyond 7/2 and motivating young people to get outside
  • The use of social media as a platform for larger communities
  • The 50HP project and the ‘Forrest Gump’ effect
  • The logistics that go into these huge expedition projects
  • His journey of becoming a pro-triathlete
  • The importance of a positive mindset and inspiring other people
  • Watching a vision come to life (through tons of hard work, meetings, failures, etc)
  • Not focusing on finding ANY sponsor partners but finding the RIGHT sponsor partners
  • What kind of training regimen Colin has
  • Colin’s ideas behind balance

The Seven Summits Poster Contest:

(updated entry details*)

To celebrate Colin’s Stokecast episode, in collaboration with Nashville-based creative design firm, Anderson Design Group, we’re giving away a beautiful vintage art poster series of the Seven Summits.

Explore Inspired founder and Co-Host of The Stokecast, Jonathan Ronzio, had been looking for a set of posters like this for years. Since stepping off of Aconcagua in 2013, he and his climbing mates began searching… 5 years later, after flying off Denali’s Kahiltna Glacier, it still didn’t exist.

Loving Anderson’s National Park poster collection, Jonathan reached out to see if they’d be up for taking on the project. And they were!

What are the Seven Summits?

  1. Aconcagua – South America’s Tallest Mountain
  2. Denali – North Americas’ Tallest Mountain
  3. Kilimanjaro – Africa’s Tallest Mountain
  4. Carstenz Pyramid – Australasia’s Tallest Mountain
  5. Mount Everest Asia’s Tallest Mountain
  6. Mount Elbrus – Europe’s Tallest Mountain
  7. Vinson Massif – Antarctica’s Tallest Mountain

Whether you have completed the quest for the Seven Summits (like Colin O’Brady), or maybe you have this journey sitting on your bucket list, or you simply find these mountains and what they represent for the human spirit to be magnificent, you’ll find yourself inspired to reach new heights every day with the Seven Summits poster series framed on your home or office wall.

To enter, click the link below and follow the instructions!



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Thanks for joining us. Until next week!

Emily Holland
Emily Holland

Co-Host, The Stokecast

Lover of all things outside. My life is mountains, rocks, running, dogs, fitness, & music. NY born, Boulder-based.

  1. I think what i got from this great last episode is that Colin seems like just a normal guy who may had partied to hard one night overseas and caused a permanent injury that should’ve disabled him then can go out and achieve the biggest milestones that may have started from a dream and turn it into reality.

  2. As someone who is pretty average at adventure sports but has all these wild dreams and ideas I found Colins story super inspiring. When he was talking about finding whatever it is your passionate about and chasing that with all your heart, I really did go back and listen to that again and it got me so stoked on a few things i’ve been thinking about for a long time and I think it’s about time to start chasing them!

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