EP14 – Chris Burkard Dishes His No-BS Recipe For Sacrifice And Success

This week, we had the extraordinary photographer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, adventurer and storyteller, Chris Burkard on the podcast. Chris shares his no-BS approach to the perpetual hustle mindset and lifestyle.

Jonathan and Emily chat with Chris about:

  • How to fill the gaps in your skillset
  • Why you should be investing in yourself with time AND money
  • Everything you need to learn about the ‘technical stuff,’ you can find online
  • His interesting relationship with Instagram
  • Creating passive revenue streams
  • When you should consider getting an agent
  • How to manage communicating with your loved ones while you’re on the road

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Chris Burkard on stage at Outdoor Retailer | Photo: Jonathan Ronzio

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Emily Holland
Emily Holland

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Lover of all things outside. My life is mountains, rocks, running, dogs, fitness, & music. NY born, Boulder-based.

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