Delta Partnership with Lyft Means You Can Earn Skymiles on Every Ride

Announcing the Delta Lyft partnership:

Delta and Lyft just partnered up and put a great big smile on the face of every travel hacker out there. Now I can literally earn Skymiles ON THE WAY to the airport, and in every Lyft ride I take.

If I’m flying, I’m typically on either Southwest or Delta. Southwest is my domestic go-to and I love Delta for international flights. Back in March I was able to use my Delta Skymiles to book a free roundtrip flight to Thailand for my honeymoon (we had to buy my wife’s but hey 1 free is still good!). Earning Skymiles is thus a big deal to me, and should be for you too.

I’ve also been a longtime lover of Lyft. Reason being, I feel like Uber just got the “I was a taxi driver” cross-over crowd, in which case, you get the same experience as you would in a taxi cab. More often than not, rude, non-conversational drivers. Whereas with Lyft, at least in my experience, I’ve just met really genuine cool people that drive on the side and that I’ve kept in touch with after the ride.

My brother and I even signed up as Lyft drivers a few years back out of sheer curiosity. I gave 2 rides ever and got too busy, but it was cool. And he wrote a great post about the experience. We both still have our standard driver mug shots in front of superimposed bushes…

But let’s get back to this Delta Lyft thing. There’s not too much to say, I guess I just wanted you to know about it, and hope you take my advice to use it. The points do add up! You get 1 mile for every $1 on every ride, and (at least for now) 3 miles per every $1 on airport rides.

New to Lyft?

Don’t miss out. This is just another great travel hacking avenue you need to take advantage of and start earning for money you’re already spending. I just linked my accounts and now I’m good to go!

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Want even more Delta Skymiles points? Like enough to go to Australia or whoever you’re heart desires? For a limited time, the AMEX Gold Delta Skymiles Credit Card is offering their biggest signup bonus ever. Get 60,000 Skymiles after spending just $3,000 in the first 4 months. Plus, receive a $50 statement credit towards a Delta flight purchased in that same time frame, and the card’s $95 annual fee is waived the first year. I have this card and use it regularly. It’s one of the good ones. Happy travels!

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