The Stokecast 09 – Learn How To Smash Trail Records With Ultra-Runner “Stringbean” Joe McConaughy

What is an FKT? That stands for fastest known time. And Boston’s “Stringbean” Joe McConaughy is no stranger to setting them.

First on the 2,659-mile long Pacific Crest Trail, then the 2,200-mile long Appalachian Trail (obliterating the self-supported record, coming in hot at 45-days, 12-hours, and 15-minutes), and most recently, crushing Ireland’s Wicklow Round.

And now, Joe McConaughy takes to The Stokecast to chat with Jonathan and I about…

  • How Joe came to be a runner, and even crazier, an ultra marathon trail runner
  • Combining your passion with a cause (Run for Colin)
  • What you learn when you dig deep
  • Joe’s journey on both the Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail (to crush the speed records)
  • How a positive mindset works wonders
  • The importance of gratitude and having a support crew
  • Jonathan also gets his first sub 5-minute mile right before we interview Joe!

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Thanks for joining us. Until next week!

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Emily Holland
Emily Holland

Co-Host, The Stokecast

Lover of all things outside. My life is mountains, rocks, running, dogs, fitness, & music. Base camp = Boston

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