Mountain Tested Mondays: Mammut Lithia Speed Review

Move faster with the lightweight and durable Mammut Lithia Speed Pack.

I headed up to Southern New Hampshire on a sunny December Sunday morning to run up Mount Monadnock, the second most hiked mountains in the world (yes, I said WORLD). For this outing, I’d be testing out the Mammut Lithia Speed pack.

Nearly 125,000 people hike Monadnock every year, and it’s no secret why its so popular. Monadnock is a quick 4 mile loop hike with lovely, fun rock scrambles and some pure pine single track trails.

Unlike last time I hiked Monadnock when it was -35 degrees Fahrenheit and 75 mile per hour winds, we had a different fate. It was beautiful, clear and had practically no wind – just perfection.

Mammut is well known for its alpine gear – anything climbing, ski-mountaineering and alpinism in general. But, before testing out the Lithia Speed, I hadn’t really considered Mammut for day hiking and trail running.

Lesson learned – don’t underestimate Mammut because they are making top-notch mountain gear regardless of your activity!

My take on the Mammut Lithia Speed:

I was excited to test out the Mammut Lithia Speed because it seemed light and quick – but also because its a great color (more on that in the video).

Here are the top things that I noticed/liked:


The pack has a tough fabric on the outside that I found very durable. I was not only carrying my micro spikes in the pack (potential for snags in the fabric is high with those), but I also ran into some trees and rocks with it, and not a rip or tear to be seen.


The straps are incredibly lightweight, I barely noticed I was wearing a pack. They didn’t wear down on my shoulders but, rather, felt like they were memory foam fit to my specific body size and shape. Even with carrying 1.5 liters of water, gear and snacks, I felt light as a feather!


The padding on the back has clear ventilation paths so that air can escape and the pack doesn’t stick to your back. I never felt overheated or glued to the pack with my sweatiness.

Overall Rating

I really loved using the Mammut Lithia Speed pack. It moved with me when I ran through the trails and kept me light and moving. I would highly recommend this pack for fast and light hiking and trail running.

On a scale of 1 being skim milk and 5 being vanilla almond milk, I would rate this pack as a 4, or unsweetened almond milk.

This pack has all the necessary trappings for a good trail running pack; the hydration compatibility, the lightweight nature, the small pockets for Gu’s or other snacks. It’s light AND good for you, just like unsweetened almond milk.

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Get the Mammut Lithia Speed Here

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Emily Holland

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