EP12 – Michelle Parker on Self-Motivation, Her Life as a Pro Skier, and Staying Safe In The Mountains

Want to learn how to be well-rounded, passionate and creative while also living your dream? How to be self-motivated in an industry without much structure? Take notes from this weeks’ Stokecast guest, Michelle Parker.

Michelle sits downs for a conversation with us on The Stokecast to talk about…

  • How she skied before she could even walk
  • Growing up in a premier mountain town, Squaw Valley
  • Importance of female role models
  • Being your own boss – the need to be diligent, productive and well-rounded
  • The process of pitching, planning and starring in a TV series with Red Bull
  • How to go after sponsorship with big brands
  • Continuing to evolve your passions/athletic endeavors
  • The origination of the organization, SafeAS
  • How to get involved in outdoor advocacy efforts like Protect Our Winters

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Emily Holland
Emily Holland

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Lover of all things outside. My life is mountains, rocks, running, dogs, fitness, & music. NY born, Boulder-based.

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