EP11 – Running Slow AF And Loving Every Second With Writer, Speaker, Ultra Runner, Mirna Valerio

This week on the Stokecast, Mirna ‘The Mirnavator’ Valerio takes us on her journey of becoming an ultra runner, learning how to be her own boss, advocating for more representation in the sport, and much much more!

Mirna sits downs with us on The Stokecast to chat about…

  • Mirna’s first experience running the Boston Marathon (and how she came away with positive memories even though it was pouring rain and freezing)
  • How a health scare pushed her to rediscover running and an active lifestyle
  • From growing up in Brooklyn to her life now, the importance of going outside and exploration
  • Her new retreat series, Slow AF Trail Running Adventure Retreat
  • How running clears the mind and helps your creative energy
  • Having a coach is a game-changer but you should also be able to motivate yourself intrinsically
  • How she’s helping to change the narrative and normalization of running
  • The lessons she learned from putting herself out there

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Emily Holland
Emily Holland

Co-Host, The Stokecast

Lover of all things outside. My life is mountains, rocks, running, dogs, fitness, & music. NY born, Boulder-based.

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