EP47 – Social Entrepreneur & Mountain Athlete, Mike Chambers on Voluntourism and Epic Weekend Adventures

Mike Chambers is the co-founder of Summits Education and Flying Kites Academy, two non-profit organizations working to improve educational opportunities in Haiti and Kenya respectively.

He is also a multi-faceted mountain athlete on the ambassador roster for brands like Merrell and MSR, and is the co-creator and host of Beat Monday, a new series on Outside TV all about making the most of the weekend.

Photo: Chris Shane

On this episode of The Stokecast, Mike chats with Jonathan and Emily about the “voluntourism” dilemma, how to get started finding the right organizations and causes to align your advocacy efforts with, and Mike tells candid emotional stories about his experiences with Flying Kites and Summits.

Mike also explains how he found and developed his love for adventure sports, what steps he took to build his life around his dream expeditions, the setbacks he’s had along the way as far as injury or work/life balance goes, and how he manages to make it all work these days.

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Episode edited by Chris Plante

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