All the Gear You Need to Splitboard a Glaciated Volcano

Here’s the pack list for an expedition to splitboard Mount Rainier! Minus the rope… my buddy Mike had that.

After taking this shot below, I submitted it to Everyday Carry, and tagged all my gear. Two weeks later, I get an email from EDC Editor-in-Chief Bernard letting me know I got the home page staff pick. Pretty cool!

Happy to share what I’ve got in the adventure toolkit if it helps anyone else figure out what they should be thinking about packing for their next epic outing! When you get into these multi-sport expeditions, like climbing and snowboarding, man does your pack get heavy…


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Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio

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Adventurer, Athlete, Speaker, Award-Winning Director, Co-Host of The Stokecast, Founder & CEO of Explore Inspired

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